Recognition For Hard Work and Dedication
Each year at the Annual User Conference, the SUN board admits one or more deserving inductee(s) to our Hall of Fame. We would like to thank the following inductees for their hard work and dedication to the Syteline User Network.

Toni has been working with SUN for over 10 years. She is the liaison between Infor and SUN. She spends countless hours helping us get resources for keynotes, sessions and webinars. She is key in organizing meetings with the Infor team to discuss topics which have an impact on the SUN community. Along with her work with SUN, she has become a great friend to the SUN Board. Congratulations to Toni for joining the SUN HOF.

Jennifer has been a SUN member for many years. Her dedication at JCM Industries mirrors her dedication to driving SUN Forward. She has led the Dallas Fort Worth/Southwest Arkansas Local User Group for many years. Not only does she drive with “lead” foot, she drives SUN’s mission to Network Together to Accomplish More. Congratulations to Jennifer for joining the SUN HOF.

From Caitlin: "I am very pleased to help SUN honor Ron Muth for his expertise and leadership in this community. Ron joined Brentwood in 2001 and SUN shortly thereafter. His knowledge of SyteLine grew along with our company as Ron participated in new developments in our early implementations. Over his 21 years with Brentwood, Ron climbed the ladder from Specialist to Analyst to Manager and led a wide variety of projects along the way. Now he is now applying his talents to key business strategies as IT’s Strategic Engagement Manager. Ron’s accumulated knowledge of business processes and best practices paired with his SyteLine expertise puts him in a unique position to leverage technology to improve business outcomes. Through his leadership of the Mid-Atlantic User Group he strives to facilitate the same successes for other manufacturers operating with SyteLine. Ron is a valuable resource, a knowledge-leader, a change-driver, and certainly an asset to the SyteLine User Network."

Congratulations Ron

SourceDay is one of our newer vendors but they have sure made a huge impact in the SUN Community. They are huge supporters of SUN over the years through sponsorships, webinars, local meeting support, and they always make sure the SUN community is having a great time. SourceDay has a motto around their office #BtheB, which stands for “be the best.” It applies to everything: how we do our jobs, how we serve customers, and how we treat one another. SUN is excited to have them as part of our SUN Community and look forward to many years to come.

Congratulations SourceDay

"While her official title is “Office Manager”, that title doesn’t even come close to scratching the surface of what she all does for us. As anybody who’s attended a SUN conference knows, she does a great job planning events and she does the same for us. In addition she also is the Syteline Guru at the company and investigates all discrepancies and researches and test out any changes we may try to implement. Her years of knowledge and contacts with being a part of SUN has made her a valuable asset to C.E. Machine from that aspect. No matter what project seems to come up at C.E. Machine, she always seems to be a part of it. If you want it to be organized and completed on time you want TJ to be a part of it. This company would not be what it is today without her."
Brian Eck, President of C.E. Machine

Congratulations TJ


Jesse is very active in the SUN community. Jesse has been seen presenting at SUN Conferences, networking, and willing to help anyone with questions. He is an active participant of SUN Forums, helped with local user group meetings, summited shareware, and overall knowledgeable with all areas of Syteline/CSI.

Keith is very active on Linkedin. If a question is posted, there is a very high chance that he has commented on the post. He has been attending Syteline Conferences since 2012 and has also helped organize and hold a local user group meetings

“He is laser focused on how Syteline can help impact our business in a positive way. He tries to have us step back from our legacy processes and ‘old ways' of doing things and constantly challenges, ‘Can Syteline help us do things more efficiently and make us more profitable?’ He believes if we are more profitable we will invest more in technology, and he is right! Very deserving honor.”
- Steve Whiley, Vice President and CFO Linemaster

Keith started using Syteline 6 in 2006 for Gunther International. He then moved to Coburn Technologies and in 2012 he joined Linemaster as the IT Manager. He has worked with Syteline 6,7,8,9, and seen upgrades from 6-7, 8-9, and 9-9.01.

He enjoys hunting, riding motorcycles, and was the president of the Lions club.  He is married to Heidi Worthington, and has 4 children, 2 daughters (Dani and Mikaela) and 2 sons (Dwight and Joseph).

Deb Mattson is the Director of IT at Brewer Company where she has worked since 2001. Deb was the key driver in upgrading the SL 6 Progress to SL 8 SQL even though the project was “parked” a few times. Under her leadership Brewer Company took on the loft challenge to upgrade from SL 6 to SL 8 in just 5 months. They have since upgraded to SL 9 and continue to be on the leading edge of the new modules thanks to her knowledge and leadership. Deb has used much of what she has learned to present at local SL user group meetings. Deb is the leader of the SyteLine Milwaukee User Group (SMUG), a presenter at SUN Conferences, and a contributor on LinkedIN. Deb accepted the award at the Orlando Conference in March 2017.

Kurt Kiley is the founder of Adams Automation and has been a SyteLine consultant for many years. He is a frequent contributor to SUN as a reference to new/existing customers and a resource on SUN communities. He is frequently requested and continues to present at SUN Conferences. Kurt willingly devotes knowledge, time and energy to support SUN and our members. Kurt accepted the award at the Las Vegas Conference in April 2016.

Thank you, Kurt!

Carol has been with Bradbury for 28 years in many capacities: Systems Administrator, IS Manager and Senior ERP Business Specialist. She has learned the manufacturing business and SyteLine from the ground up by asking a lot of questions. She has been a supporter of SUN for many years at various events and through social media. Carol retired at the end of 2015. We miss her smile, laughter and of course, her questions. Carol accepted the award at the Nashville Conference in May 2015.

Thank you, Carol! We all miss you!

Walter has been using SyteLine for more than 17 years and has contributed to SyteLine-related communities, including SUN. Walter is the MIS Manager of AGC Electronics Americas. Walter accepted the award at the Las Vegas Conference in March 2014.

Thank you, Walter!

DRI was founded in 1978 and has worked with Syteline since 1985. DRI has always been a strong supporter of SUN by providing support, presentations, sponsorship and anything else asked of them. Bill Titus, DRI President, accepted the award at the Columbus Conference in October 2013.

Thank you, DRI!